With a sharp wit and a unique perspective on photography, Imogen Cunningham reveals how she carved out her impressive career while maintaining a household and raising a family. In a professional career of 75 years, Imogen had an enormous influence on the aesthetics of American photography. 

Making the Film

Meg Partridge always enjoyed Imogen's ascerbic wit and quick repartees growing up. But it was not until she was a teenager, when she was working as Imogen's 'spotter,' she began to see the breadth of Imogen's work, and understood Imogen's place in photographic history. 

Many years later, when Meg was rummaging around in her father's darkroom, she came across eight hours of audiotaped interviews of Imogen that her father had recorded. 

These interviews, recorded years earlier, became the basis of the film on Imogen Cunningham. Working out of a corner of her basement, Meg and her editor, Claude Ibrahimoff, created this film based on these personal and inspiring audiotapes. 

Self Portrait, 1974
© The Imogen Cunnigham Trust
All Rights Reserved

Length: 28 Minutes. Black and White.


Academy Award Nomination: Best Documentary Short
Best of Northern California, Crystal Apple, and a Golden Apple:
National Educational Film Festival
Chris Award: Columbus International Film Festival
Cine Golden Eagle
First Place Documentary: Focus Awards
Henri Stork Award: International Festival of Films on Art, France
Best of Category: Birmingham Film Festival
Bronze Award: Houston International Film Festival
Gold Plaque: Chicago International Film Festival
Bronze Metal: Photographic Society of America


Festival International de Films de Femmes, Canada
Festival International Films de Femmes de Creteil, France
Gottinger Filmfest, Germany
International Film Festival, France
Leipzig International Documentary Festival, Germany
Margaret Mead Film Festival
Mill Valley Film Festival
Sydney Film Festival, Australia
Telluride Film Festival
United States Film Festival
Women in the Director's Chair Film Festival