Dorothea Lange: A Visual Life

This film is an engaging and penetrating look at a life devoted to photography, profiling the life and work of an artist who recorded some of the most evocative photographic images of the 20th century. Dorothea Lange's artistic achievements and untiring investigations into the diversity of American life and culture are presented through interviews with her sons and assistants. 


The Making of the Film

As a member of Lange's extended family, Meg Partridge has known Lange and her children, grandchildren, close friends and associates her entire life. 

While promoting "Portrait of Imogen" Meg was asked what her next project would be. Almost without thinking, she replied that she would make a film on Dorothea Lange, another photographer in Meg's life that had made a great impression on her. 

The film started with the transcription of over 36 hours of interviews of Dorothea Lange. These interviews became the backbone of the narrative. The film also includes interviews of Dorothea Lange's photographic assistants, Ron Partridge and Chrissie Gardner, and her sons, John and Dan Dixon. 

This film is a tribute to both the artist and the woman Meg Partridge loved and admired. The ability to conduct close personal interviews with Dorothea's sons and assistants gives a very personal and candid tone to the entire film.

Awards and Screenings

Sundance Film Festival
Leipzig International Documentary Film and Animation Festival, Germany
Winner of the Ecumenical Jury Award
USA Film Festival
Wellington Film Festival, New Zealand
Bay Area Women's Film Festival
Festival de Films de Femmes de Creteil, France
Meilleur Long Metrage Documentaire Award
Festival Internationale du Film sur l'Art, Canada
International Festival of Films on Art, France