Short Bio of Meg Partridge

Meg Partridge began her photographic training early -- in her fathers darkroom. She rocked trays in the developer, mixed chemicals and attended to the print-washer. But the motivation to be in the basement darkroom was simple -- the only television in the house was the black and white RCA in the darkroom; adorned with an orange gelatin filter it served a second purpose as a darkroom safelight.

Years later, Meg began to pursue documentary filmmaking, both as a cinematographer and as a director/producer, garnering many awards for her work and an Academy Award nomination for the film, "Portrait of Imogen."

Meg has worked as an executive producer, producer, director and project manager for many companies; her client list includes Compaq, CKS, Computer Curriculum Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Vivid Studios, Phoenix-Pop, Groundswell, Toyota, The Discovery Channel, Applied Materials, Fisher-Price, CenterBeam, Wineshopper, The History Channel, Nike, and Home Depot.

Although she does not get in the darkroom often, she still associates the smell of Dektol with Disney television.

Meg now works as the Director of the Imogen Cunningham Trust.